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uncle matt's wood wax

uncle matt's wood wax

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    Made from just two food safe ingredients, beeswax and mineral oil, this multi-use paste wax is great for rejuvenating your wooden kitchen utensils like cutting boards, knife handles, and more. 

    Simply rub it on on with a small piece of lint free cloth, wait a few minutes until the oils have absorbed, then buff off the remaining wax. The mineral oil soaks into wood and the wax seals the surface.

    You only need to apply as often as the wood needs it. Use a small amount whenever you notice any dry spots, or you feel it's necessary. (Typically every 1-3 months, depending on use).

     We use wood wax for other things around the house too like fixing squeaky door hinges or lubricating sticky drawer slides. It's also useful in the shop! Apply a thin coat to your handsaw blade to help it glide through cuts or to any steel surfaces to prevent rust. It'll even make your work boots look a little nicer! The labels are made from laser engraved reused cereal boxes.

The best part though? When you run out of Wood Wax, you can re-use the tin to store your tiny trinkets. :)

Sold in 2 oz aluminum screw top tins.

Each tin will yield approximately 4+ applications depending on the woods condition.


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